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Direwolf 20 Updates
« en: Febrero 02, 2014, 01:40:24 pm »
Added Binnies Mods 1.8.0
Added Powersuits Addons 884
Added Thaumic Tinkerer KAMI

Updated Ars Magica 2 1.1.1c - 1.1.2
Updated Applied Energistics 14.finale2 - 14.finale3

        Rotarycraft Power Issue
        Tools charging in the energetic infuser

Updated Calclavia Core -
Updated IndustrialCraft 2 2.0.316 - 2.0.354

        Few useful recipes to extractor and fixed a macerator recipe
        Advanced Miner Recipe
        persistent EU storage if removed with wrench
        reverse recipes for tin cans and fuel rods in the macerator
        Energium Dust is 9 times cheaper and Energy crystals are 9 times more expensive. Glass Fiber cables are 1/9 times cheaper (energium wise) at the cost of 4 times more silver
        Energy Crystals can be macerated to get energium back
        Changed Bronze to 3+1 = 4
        Parts of the recipe syste,
        Energy crystal being without damage bar
        Infinite loop on startup
        Coal -> Diamond recipe
        Obsidian Dust recipe
        Rubber Tree Racism. Rubber Trees are Trees too, meaning their leaves and saplings are no longer considered special. (meaning it is compatible with recipes which require regular ones)
        Various Bug fixes

Updated Iron Chests -
Updated Logistics Pipes 0.7.4.dev.96 - 0.7.4.dev.102

    Updated to Buildcraft 4.2.2
        Support for Extra Cells
        Railcraft Tank and Liquid Provider pipes

Updated Magic Bees 2.1.9 - 2.1.11

        Thermal Expansion & Redstone Arsenal bees, courtesy of jadedcat
        Aluminum bees now use oreDictionary entries
        Ars Magica 2 Mob-Spawning bees use newer names
        Missing loc string for Blinding speed allele

Updated MFFS -

    Reverted to Java 6 for FTB
        Coercion deriver
        Null value in get ModuleStack()

Updated MystCraft -

        Color, Direction and Phase suffix to their respective symbols
        New Writing Desk Model
        Biomes notebook to "Modifiers, Biomes"
        Renamed terrain symbols to be more consistent
        Writing desks will face you when placed
        Disarm will now strip living entities of equipment
        Desks generated in villages will be facing the lecterns
        No longer create symbols for fluids without itemblock forms
        Increases number of pages generated per page to 1-16*rarity of page item
        Rainbow is now more transparent
        Reduced size of book
        Adds check to prevent crashing when requesting items from non-existent slots in the desk
        Attempts to avoid odd vanilla bug causing unloading unloaded chunks
        Fluid instability configs
        Issue with shift-clicking items out of lecterns/stands putting them in armor slots
        Improves averaging of phase symbols

Updated NEI Addons 1.9.3.r47 - 1.9.4.r51

        Crash with EB Serums that don't have NBT Data

Updated Nuclear Control 1.6.2c - 1.6.2e

        MOX Fuel Support
        Better detection of fuel duration
        cross GT crash fix

Updated ProjectRed -

        Extension Pipe
        Config option for backpack blacklist
        Routing chip upgrades
        Link/unlink router effects
        Redstone propagation bug on certain surfaces
        Crash when placing lamps under bedrock

Updated Thaumic Tinkerer 2.0-44 - 2.1-67

        New KAMI items
        Config option to specify dimension IDs (for people who change them)
        Way to turn off the light feature in the Leggings of the Burning Mantle
        Config option to remove Ore Dictionary recipes
        Config Option to remove the tooltips
        Allow for blocks with directions (i.e. Furnaces, Pumpkins) to keep the direction in camo blocks
        Allow for more blocks to be used with camo blocks (i.e. Wood Logs, Quartz Blocks)
        Awakened Ichorium Tools now change mode with shift-right click
        Celestial Network GUI easier is easier to navigate
        Moved the Shadowbeam Focus research to not be in the same place as a research from Thaumic Exploration
        Celestial Pearl recipe to outputs 2 rather than 1
        Sorted Mod's Creative Tab
        Removed the Infused Scribing tools' research for once
        Changed texture for lightning in the attractors
        Some API/method usage from old versions that doesn't work on 4.1
        Ichorcloth armor not protecting from damage, it now protects just a little more than diamond
        Ground level Ethereal Platforms having collision boxes on all sides
        Server Crash
        Typo fixes
        Ethereal Platform breaking instantly
        Camo blocks not respecting biome colors
        Protoclay not having a config option for ID
        XP Drain focus sometimes going over the max value on the wand
        Some foci not being able to be put in wands
        Dupe involving Dynamism Tablets, bottles and cauldrons
        Crash when right clicking a XP Drain focus
        DC when using a Shadowbeam focus in a server
        Crash when using Camo blocks to camo Camo blocks (yo dawg).
        Crash with Easymode research and Lost Research Note.
        Leggings of the Burning Mantle not showing the discount tooltip.
        Nether/Ender shards being extremely common.
        Hyperenergetic Nitor and Protoclay not being in the creative tab.
        Being able to apply Slow Fall to the Boots of the Horizontal Shield.
        Flight status not resetting after taking off the Robes of the Stratosphere.
        Multiplayer bug where the Celestial Network would occasionally open it's GUI for a player who wasn't standing on it
        Celestial Recall focus not working
        Dupe Bug with the spellbinding cloth
        Fixed crash with Ethereal Platforms

Config Changes
Calclavia Core

    Enabled the loading of all items, however Worldgen is still not generated

Added OpenMods Lib 0.1-s112
Added OpenPeripheral Addons 0.1.0-s41
Added OpenPeripheral Core 0.3.0-s39
Removed OpenPeripheral
Updated Hat Stands 2.0.0 - 2.1.0

    Updated to work with Hats 2.1.0

Updated OpenBlocks 1.2.2 - 1.2.4-s151
Updated Universal Electricity -

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Re:Direwolf 20 Updates
« Respuesta #1 en: Febrero 23, 2014, 02:44:19 pm »
Updated Ars Magica 1.1.2 - 1.1.2b

        Colorblind mode
        Option to turn off the mana/burnout bars off
        Corrected Swim Speed
        Balanced Nature Guardian
        Air and Earth Guardians no longer break bedrock
        Air guardian despawns if it falls below y=150
        Optimsations to crystal pillars
        Hecate spawn rules
        All boss drop items are no pre-enchanted
        Bug with silver skills where they could be learned from a non-primary tree
        Keystone receptacle UI
        Bug with the /respec command
        Bug when used with morph
        Issue where dryads couldn't spawn
        Config issue where spawn weights were not being recognised
        UI Configs not saving properly
        Bug with /setmagelevel

Updated BiblioCraft 1.5.3 - 1.5.5

        Pumpkins can be placed on armor stands
        Witchery Compatiblity
        A few localisations
        All Custom heads should work on armor stands
        Enchantment costs have been adjusted
        Tweaked block rotations on Tables
        3D armors on armor stand should no longer cause crashes
        Version checking captive portal issue
        Fast Graphics should work
        Thaumcraft compatibility: essence jars
        Book lists in typesetting tables
        Crash with twilight forest maps

Updated Calclavia Core -
Updated Extra Utilities 1.0.2 - 1.0.3a

        Ender quarry
        FMP Fences
        FMP Pipe jackets
        Diamond computation Matrix (Crafting ingredient)
        Ender core, which can boosts enchantment table
        Custom entity rendering on certain players
        TC4 aspects
        MFR support for growing ender-lilies
        alternate cheaper transfer node recipe
        NEI Item info will now show when the user press 'R' over an item, after the crafting recipe.
        Config options to change Ender quarry power consumption
        Magical wood boosts the enchantment table
        Septuple and octuple compressed cobblestone cannot be destroyed by the wither
        Cursed earth will spawn mobs even when players are not nearby.
        Cursed earth will be disabled at high light-levels and won't catch fire if it can't see the sky
        Ender-lilies no longer glow at higher stages of growth
        Fully grown ender-lilies generate in the end (retrogen will occur on already generated worlds)
        Ender-lilies can grow on ender cores (at the speed of regular end stone)
        Unstable ingots can now only be crafted in a vanilla crafting table
        Using books with higher enchantments in the recipe for magic wood, gives more items
        Re-enabled animals in the golden lasso being nameable in an anvil
        Bats can now be picked up in the golden lasso
        Watering cans can no longer automated
        Removed WIP notification from generators GUI
        server-side entity code executing client-side.
        Drums now have proper item localisation
        Drums will now lose immediately their colour when they have been drained
        Right-clicking an enchanting table with an activated division sigil now does nothing
        Right-clicking a beacon with a non-activated division sigil now does nothing
        TC4 harvest golems with order upgrade now replant ender-lily seeds
        Pseudo-inversion sigil crafts unstable ingots properly
        Added missing documentation
        EnderQuarry tiles not being properly invalidated on destruction
        'Fake Players' not being unloaded

Updated Factorization 0.8.28 - 0.8.29

    WARNING: Servo inventory size will be reduced to 1 in the next version. This will cause item loss and it is recommended to take items out beforehand
        Lacerator and Servo motor Recipe
        Removed Magnet recipe, batteries are used instead
        Barrels render more efficiently

Updated Forestry -


        Drones do not carry Pristine/Ignoble traits. This should make the jerks stack better.

        Beealyzer now displays "Pristine/Ignoble Stock" for bees rather than "Natural/Artificial origin". In addition, stock type is not shown for drones.

        Attempt to reduce the number of Chunk Renderers

        Added Dropper & Dispenser to builder's backpack by default

        Sandstone items added to backpacks

        Silk Touch no longer works on Humus, Bog Earth or Peat.

        Merry Bee snow effect no longer has the missing texture

        Player inventory updates when clicking with bucket

        Backpacks should obey inventory restrictions

        Short Mead no longer crashes

        Tipsy Bee is not breedable on Jan 1st

        Merry Bees Snow Effect now works and leaves snow on the ground.

Updated Hats 2.1.1 - 2.1.2

        CME Crashes on servers
        Coloured items screwing up the Hat Trade GUI colours
        Issue with invisible blocks and Ars Magica when a hat is unlocked
        Issue with hat trading that partially invalidates one of the trader's hats list.

Updated iChun Util 2.3.0 - 2.4.0
Updated Iron Chests -
Updated MFR 2.7.4-255 - 2.7.5-352

        Repair-only mode for AutoAnvil
        AutoSpawner config blacklist
        Plastic bag
        Sacred Rubber Sapling
        Ejector can move fluids too
        Support for TC4 manapods
        ProjectRed dye tree support
        Recipes for NeedleGun, SPAMR, ammo
        TE Recipe for PortaSpawner
        Passenger rails can pick up & drop off mobs when powered by redstone
        PortaSpawner reacts to minecarts
        Planter&Fertilizer will only accept usable items from pipes
        Harvester only harvests connected blocks for trees
        Potion effects for drinking MFR liquids
        MagicalCrops support moved to MagicalCrops' side
        AutoAnvil eating output items
        Water flowing over conveyors
        Needles render again
        HarvestCraft support, thanks to delta534
        Error spam with empty IC2 crop sticks
        Laser drill lag issue when beam cannot form
        Ruler sometimes resetting before measurement can be completed
        Passenger rails

Updated MobiusCore 1.0.4 - 1.0.5
Updated MFFS -

        Per second indicator in GUIs for transfer rates
        Made some recipes more expensive
        Sponge module not ticking field
        ID Card GLRescale causing blocks to render dark

Updated OpenBlocks 1.2.4-s151 - 1.2.5

        Almighty Book!
        middle clicking on tank with any liquid gives item with full amount
        proper building guide localization
        other mods block breakers now pick all dropped items
        cannon pointer no longer resets after single click
        blacklist for blocks that should be ignored by cartographer
        disableMobs blacklist now accepts mod names too
        way to specify special block rules for elevator
        enderman trophies now shoot enderpearls instead of teleporting directly
        target dropping arrow shot by infinity bow
        squids spawning water in nether
        sprinkler animation sometimes halts
        missing drops from canvas
        trophy resetting type after breaking with any block breaker
        invalid sponge step sound
        cannon not able to target in certain directions
        Luggage trying to pick item even with full inventory
        block placer using whole stack instead of single item
        elevator not working when high level jump boost/other jump helpers are used
         color formatting in paint mixer GUI
        trophy flickering when placed in creative
        crash when using cursor with no selected target

Updated OpenModsLib 0.1-s112 - 0.2

        added om_config_* command that allows to change configuration values in-game. Also added @OnLineReconfigrable to  mark values that can be changed without restart
        event PlayerMovementEvent is send client-side every time player jumps or sneaks
        config processing now supports list
        new item drops callback, to improve interactions with block breakers
        shift-click now works properly with Slot.isItemValid
        inventory utils ignoring NBT tags when stacking
        missing onBreak callback
        always logging outbound packets, even when debugLogPackets is false

Updated OpenPeripheral Addons 0.1.0-s41 - 0.1.1

        player_on event from PIM now contains player name
        PIM rendering
        All objects returned in terminal glasses API now have listMethods (same format as peripherals)
        missing delete method on terminal glasses drawables
        sensor method not OnTick synchronized (potential crash)
        recipe conflict (antenna with glider wing from OB)
        peripheral proxy not working
        crash when saying message prefixed with $$ without glasses

Updated OpenPeripheral Core 0.3.0-s39 - 0.3.1

        added Forestry butterflies and tree saplings reading
        ability to read destination and owner from Railcraft tickets
        added mods blacklist (disableMods in config)
        added developer mode - reflection calls in Lua  (devMethods in config)
        Basic FMP integration (OP will now properly recognize tank, inventories, etc. in multiblocks)
        @Alias annotation (multiple Lua names for single method)
        @Property, @CallbackProperty - automatic getters and setters for adapters
        daylight sensor integration
        improve startup time
        tons of broken integration (mostly SGCraft)
        exception thrown when @LuaCallable returns primitive type
        proper handling of potential crashed in other mod’s blocks. Crashes and bugs in foreign code will now cause: integration module and adapter disabling, returning valid placeholder peripheral
        OnTick peripherals not working properly in multicoroutines programs (parallel API)
        game crashing when trying to adapt TE with broken sideness
        Bee property tolerantFlyer not reported  correctly
        some Mystcraft notebook inventory functions broken
        argument print order in docs program
        some inventory functions not working with sided inventories
        PIM trying to drop player inventory
        Sensor not handling air blocks properly

Updated Opis 1.1.2 - 1.1.3a

    Updated to latest MapWriter

Updated Thaumcraft 4.0.5b - 4.1.0d

    Changelog is too big to put here, please view the changes here: Link

Updated Thaumic Tinkerer 2.1-67 - 2.3-98

        WAILA support
        Dissipating Turtle
        Levitational Locomotive
        Golem Connector
        Tinkers Construct compatibility
        Ender Storage compatibility
        config for dimension ID
        Altered Dislocation Focus to store block on focus
        Recreated Thaumic Tinkerer research tree
        Removed Special Bedrock biome
        Default Dimension ID from 19 to -19
        Made some research not hidden
        Bedrock dimension now has 1/6 the ores
        Artifice Tab crash
        Excavation focus can break bedrock
        Ichorium wand components

Updated Universal Electricity -

        UE Capes

Updated WAILA 1.4.4b - 1.5.0

        Steve's cart module using the Entity API
        hidden Secret Doors
        hidden Carpenter's doors
        HarvestCraft crop support
        Magical Crop crop support
        Statues support
        a "Sneak to see" config option. Data will be hidden unless you sneak.
        Reworked the detection system to move it in the client tick instead of rendering tick
        More cached things for optimization
        Removed dependency on NEI
        Removed some BC related energy display
        Redstone wires will now use the redstone dust icon
        Reeworked the config
        NBT data with a size > 32k no longer crashes
        Magic Compass bug by not rendering tooltip when UI is hidden
        Fix for IC2 Module
        Project Red overlay and FMP bugs

Config Changes
Biomes O Plenty

    Disabled Pixies


    Enabled Thaumcraft Cheat Sheet
    Disabled taint caused by flux effects
    Disabled Taint Spread

Updated Modular Forcefield Systems -

        Force Manipulator displaying in ticks rather than seconds